About Kentucky Smoke Shop

Our journey began on eBay with just one pipe. We spent several years treating it as a side job. And then, just like the size of our family, it blew up and got out of control. With both being blessings, we were able to be home with our family by making this into a full-time job. Kentucky Smoke Shop was born.

Kentucky Smoke Shop is family run and operated. Our shop is located in the heartland of Kentucky. We take pride in our shop and want everyone to have a top rate shopping experience. We sell high quality products to give you the most absolute, awesome smoking experience!

Family and tradition are important to us. Because we grew up running barefoot through the fields and playing in the creek, we wanted our kids to live a life of adventure as well. Our family has a history of working in the tobacco industry. Because they worked at every step along the way, from the dirt to the store shelf. We wanted to keep with tradition, but still wanted to carve our own path. So we decided smoking accessories was more our vibe. And easier to keep our family involved. The kids love to help out and because of that, they have sparked some really great ideas along the way.

The shop (and the kids) have been growing like weeds. We want to stay up to date on the current trends but only want to carry what meets our high standards. We are constantly sourcing and running test panels on potential products and adding new items. Check out our shop! We accept Paypal and ship USPS.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?