Airistech Airis Headbanger Dip & Dab Battery with Kit


  • Brand:100% Authentic Airistech Brand Guaranteed
  • Battery Type:1500mAh Premium Lithium-ion
  • Features:Dip or Dab Heating Methods
  • Element:Patented Q-Cell Fritted Glass Quartz

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Airis Headbanger is a compact portable herbal vaporizer with premium Q-cell technology. This device is all about quality hardware. A fritted quartz heating coil on both Dip & Dab atomizer maximizes the surface area to provide even heating.

Dip & Dab options offer stealthy travel ability and powerful at home use. The variable voltage battery changes with just a few clicks provides options for different temperature of hits. Never too weak or too harsh, always just right.

The Headbanger gives an unprecedented experience of the wax vaporizer.

Why choose Airis Headbanger?

  • Dip or Dab: To Dip, you don’t need any extra tools, just screw the touch coil on the bottom end, attach the glass bubbler, press the power button to touch the concentrate and inhale. To Dab, just switch and screw in the other dab coil into the other end, load the coil, attach the glass bubbler, press the power button and inhale.
  • Large Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh built in lithium ion battery capacity allows you to enjoy prolonged use from a full charge and strong dab power from the large battery.
  • Replaceable & Portable Quartz Jar: The tank cover includes a replaceable quartz jar which is extremely convenient for wax storage or dips vaping.
  • Glass Water Bubbler: Removable glass water bubbler/mouthpiece designed for pure and cool vapor.
  • Magnetic Connection Cover: A magnetic connection was designed for the tank cover making it so easy.
  • Variable Voltage Control: The battery offers 3 voltage settings designed for your unique preferences; Green=3.4V, Blue=3.7V, R=4.0V.
  • High End Metallic Feeling: The body is made of high end aluminum materials, making it a quality and durable premium device.
  • No Expensive Specialized Chargers: Kit includes a universal micro USB charger designed for your convenience to allow charging anytime or anywhere.

Airistech Airis Headbanger Dip & Dab Battery and Kit Includes:

  • 1- Airis Headbanger Battery
  • 1- Q1 Dip Coil
  • 1- Q2 Dip Coil
  • 1- Magnetic Tank Cover
  • 2- Quartz Jars
  • 1- Glass Water Bubbler
  • 1- Stainless Dab Tool
  • 1- Micro-USB Charging Cord
  • 1- Cleaning Brush
  • 1- Travel Bag
  • 1- User Manual
  • 1- Gift Box

Helpful Tips:

  • Battery Indicator Light Shines Red While Charging
  • Unit Powers Off when Finished Charging
  • 5 Fast Presses Locks/Unlocks Device
  • 3 Fast Presses Toggles Voltage Settings (Green=3.4V, Blue=3.7V, R=4.0V)

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in

Black, Red, Blue, Rainbow


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