Airistech Airis Tick Vape Pen Battery with Kit


  • Brand: 100% Authentic Airis Brand Guaranteed
  • Battery Type: 650mAh Premium Lithium-ion
  • Compatibility: Fits Up to 12mm wide / 62mm tall
  • Voltage: 3 Presets (3.4V Green, 3.7V Blue, 4.2V Red)
  • Features: Dust-Proof 180° Flip Open Top Cover
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Airis Tick Vape Pen Battery fits almost any kind of 510 cartridges. It has a perfectly sized 650 Milli-amp battery to last for extended smoke sessions without needing a recharge. Pen sports a discrete, compact, and elegant design.

Protect your product and your pockets/bags. This vape pen comes with a flip-top lid and a magnetic closure to protect and conceal your cartridge when not in use. No more broken cartridges and wasted oil!

The variable voltage battery changes with just a few clicks provides options for different types of cartridges and different temperature of hits. Never too weak or too harsh, always just right.

Why choose Airis Tick?

  • Magnetic Connection: Slide the atomizer into the battery. The small magnetic adapter will connect with the battery and be held in place.
  • Oil Window: A viewing window on the side of the device ensures no more dry heating and burnt taste. Check your oil capacity at any time.
  • Large Diameter for Cartridges: The majority of the cartridge is concealed within the battery. The battery offers a 12 mm hole that will fit most cartridges on the market with diameter 12 mm or less and 62 mm or less.
  • Ergonomic Design of Tank Cover: The angle and sleekness of the cover is ergonomically designed to provide a more enjoyable vaping experience while offering a comfortable feel while in your hand.
  • Variable Voltage Control: The battery offers 3 voltage settings designed for your unique preferences; Green=3.4V, Blue=3.7V, R=4.2V.
  • Pocket Size: Small and as discreet as a lighter. This will integrate into your daily life with none the wiser.
  • No Expensive Specialized Chargers: Kit includes a universal micro USB charger designed for your convenience to allow charging anytime or anywhere.
  • 2 Magnetic Rings Included: Use both 1.0ml and 0.5ml cartridges with ease with easy screw on magnetic rings. Kit includes shorter ring for 1.0ml cartridges and taller ring for 0.5ml cartridges.

Airistech Airis Tick Vape Pen Kit Includes:

  • 1- Airis Tick Vape Pen Battery Module
  • 2- Magnetic Rings
  • 1- Micro-USB Charging Cord
  • 1- Gift Box

Helpful Tips:

  • Quickly Press Button 5 Times to Power ON/OFF
  • Quickly Press Button Two Times to Preheat Cartridge / 15 Second Duration
  • Quickly Press Button Three Times to Change Voltage (Green=3.4V, Blue=3.7V, R=4.2V)


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in

Black, White, Red, Gray


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